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  • avocado on toast is the bee’s knees

    avocado on toast is the bee’s knees

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Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Healthy eating!




    Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl

    Healthy eating!


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    Healthy bento/lunch box inspiration from


    this looks too pretty to eat

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  • why aren't you posting anymore? :( I really liked your blog!

    I have been really busy! I still come on and check things out pretty often, but I don’t have time to scroll through tumblr like I used to.  I started selling jewelry in addition to my other job, so that’s taking up a lot of my time.  I’m in the never ending battle of trying to get in shape and STAY in shape lol.  I’ll try to make more of an effort.  I really miss my tumblr family :)

  • nikessss


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  • sure will

    sure will

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  • so true. 

    so true. 

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  • this is cute. 

    this is cute. 

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  • squat jumps!

    squat jumps!

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  • yep


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  • grilled veggie season :)

    grilled veggie season :)

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  • paneraaaa


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  • So what are your thoughts on this....4 years ago I was at my best, happiest weight. Now I weight around 10 pounds more than I did then and I really hate it. I work out regularly, and I've been trying to eat better but I don't eat meat so my choices get slimmer it seems. What I am trying to say is that I can't lose those damn 10 pounds no matter how hard I try and it is really killing me.

    Those last 10 lbs are the WORST lol.  That’s where I am right now.. my problem is that once I start losing the weight, I think ‘oh I’m doing so well, I can have that cupcake’… and then that happens way too often, and then I’m not “doing so well” anymore.  Can you increase your cardio?  Or maybe cut something out of your diet.. limit your carb intake maybe (I know that’s hard without eating meat.. but maybe your “bad” carbs?) 

  • 131 was my lowest as well!! I'm excited that I'm getting so close!! Funny we have had the same weight experiences, it's so nice to be able to relate to someone soooo much! Thanks again for all the inspo and kind words <3 and good luck to you in your journey!!!

    Anytime :) .. feel free to message me off anon, too! Keep up the good work!